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3D Wheel Alignment

3D 4 Wheel Alignment Navan 

If your tyres aren’t wearing evenly then that’s normally an indication that your car’s wheels are not properly aligned. Don’t suffer, instead, call us and we can fix the problem for you, quickly and easily.

We offer fully computerised 3D four-wheel alignment using the best equipment available today and it’s all conveniently located at our garage on the trim road navan opp lidl.

Five reason why you should consider 3D 4 wheel alignment


  • It’s quick, easy and really inexpensive to perform
  • It improves your vehicle’s overall handling performance
  • You’ll significantly reduce or get rid of uneven tyre wear
  • It will stop those annoying steering wheel vibrations
  • You might even improve your overall fuel economy

The whole process is quick and simple to perform and could save you a small fortune by avoiding premature or uneven tyre wear.

Quick and easy

Our 3D 4 wheel alignment equipment can check and measure your car to the vehicle manufacturers requirements before carrying out the required adjustments. It doesn’t take long to perform at all, but the benefits are huge – not least the financial ones. At First 4 Tyres we give a printout of before and after to show you where the adjustments were made.


This wheel aligner combines all the advantages of Geoliner 680 with added benefits for the professional user.

The Geoliner 780 is a self-synchronising system supplying accurate measured data in any position at any time.

The cameras feature the DigiSmart system, automatically focussing the targets, fully synchronised with the lift.

Owing to the adjustable cameras even extremely small or large vehicles can be measured without any problem.

Thanks to the two independent camera beams this aligner is ideally suited for drive-through solutions and can,

therefore, be perfectly used in the check-in bay of the workshop. Only few manual inputs are necessary,

to a large extent the program runs automatically. That makes the operation very easy and helps to prevent input errors.

EZ Toe is a feature to carry out adjustment conveniently with the wheel at maximum steering angle, avoiding any tedious adjustment inside the wheel house.

Ride height measurement

If the TIP cannot be used, the system can be switched over to conventional ride height measurement.


The rolling radius of the tyre is determined, an important aspect when checking the inflation pressure, the tyre tread depth and for selection of  the correct tyre.